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I am having trouble being disconnected at certain times on WoW. It usually happens at night. I am not talking about a simple disconnect and "Oh well let me log back on." I am talking about to the point where I am causing wipes in dungeons due to being a healer. I know it is not my internet because I can get online just fine. Like two days ago it was 10 disconnects in a one hour period. That should not be happening.

But lets face it. I get booted so much at night that it is becoming extremely difficult to enjoy the game. I could look over it if not for the fact like said above, it is a hinderance to others as well.

Any help would be appreciated as I did open a ticket in game and only got a an automated response after waiting for a live person.

edit for spelling..../facepalm
Sounds like you should have a chat with the Tech Support forums.
Oh will try that then. Thank you!
also dont write of your net completely. i had issues with saturation in my area during high useage peaktime. while for normal net usage the issue was virtualy non existant (cept for slow downloads speeds) but when playing wow. something about the load caused frequent disconnects.

note that would only apply to cable internet

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