Feral Druid Macros

Hi, I'm looking for some feral druid macros. Specifically a snare one for cat form or any others you find extremely necessary

#showtooltip Incarnation
/cast tiger's fury
/cast berserk
/cast Nature's Vigil
/cast Incarnation
/use 13 (this is my on use trinket)

this is my favorite one to just zerg someone down with ;)
/cast !Cat Form
/cast [stealth] Pounce; Ferocious Bite

Cast's bite if you're out of stealth, Pounce if you're in Stealth.

/cast [flyable, nocombat] Swift Flight Form; Travel Form

Flies if you're in an area you can fly and not in combat, otherwise Travel Form (pending you can use that as well).

Trap-eating Macro
/cast [@<healer name>] Wild Charge

Obviously replace "<healer name>" with your healer's name. Cancels whatever form you're in and lifegrips you to your healer to eat his/her trap.

Spammable Meld-->Prowl Macro
/castsequence [reset=120] Shadowmeld, !Prowl

Spam it to let you meld --> prowl instantly. Even works if you're not already in cat form.

/cast !Cat Form
/cast !Travel Form
/cast !Aquatic Form
/cast !Bear Form
/cast !Moonkin Form

Obligatory "get me out of this slow/root" macro. Usable with every form.

/cast [@arena1] Cyclone

Make one for each arena (1,2,3) and find comfortable binds. For example I use mouse wheel up and down and then have the healer on focus for focus kicks, and simply change which 2 macros are bound to up and down each game.

Urosc Stone
/cast Might of Ursoc
/use Healthstone

Stone is based on %HP now, so this can restore a large chunk of HP.

Partner Marks
/run SetRaidTarget("<Player1>", 2)
/run SetRaidTarget("<Player2>", 3)
/run SetRaidTarget("<Player3>", 6)

I get asked this one a lot. Instantly marks your team-mates. Replace <Player1> and of the like with yourself and your team-mates' names. Keep the quotes. You can change the number at the end with the color mark you want.
For reference (And what classes are usually marked due to class color):
1 - Star (Rogue)
2 - Circle (druid)
3 - Diamond (paladin, lock)
4 - Triangle (Hunter, Monk)
5 - Moon (Priest, Mage)
6 - Square (Shaman, Mage)
7 - X (Warrior, DK)
8 - Skull (Priest)


Edit: Spelled "flies" as "flys"... too tired.. >_>

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