New Archeology Achievements (Updated)

*** Thank you Wilhelm for showing the datamined "Mantid Artifact Sonic Locator" found here: . This post was made to address the new Mantid achievements. Hopefully with the addition of this item, achievement hunters who have completed archeology will more easily obtain the new Mantid artifacts. ***

Below I left the original post for context:

I was hoping that Blizzard had the greater sense not to include new achievements with the introduction of these new Mantid artifacts, I was wrong. I'm not entirely sure if they plan to handle these in a different fashion, but it appears to be just another group of artifacts that will be found around Pandaria with the two others. This is a giant slap to the face for anyone who has been actively doing, or in my case finished, the archeology achievements. By introducing these new achievements, Blizzard has negated all the work put into the other Pandaren or Mogu achievements.

It is reasonable to assume that if the Mantid artifacts appear with equal frequency as the other two that by the time you complete 20 of each Mantid artifact for the achievements, you will have obtained a similar amount of Mogu and Pandaren artifacts. So if you are like me and have spent time collecting 20 of each for the Mogu and Pandaren artifacts, you will now be subject to do it all again while doing the Mantid artifacts.

There are two main ways that this can be corrected, which hopefully will be implemented.

One way would be either the ability to turn off certain dig sites, or a guarantee that one of each type will be available. In the first case, it would allow someone in my situation or similar to focus on a particular type of artifact. There could even be a reduction in the number, say only one or two sites are up if you are only looking for one type of artifact. If instead, we were simply guaranteed that one is up at all times (and identifiable), this would allow us to focus just on those sites.

The second option is even simpler. Allow people to trade in restored artifacts for these new Mantid artifacts, or if you want to be even more generous, any of them. This is by far the best way to fix this issue, this allows new players to not feel left behind, but at the same time doesn't force people who put in the time already to have to do it all over again.

I have always been fairly into achievements. I didn't really care when Cataclysm forced us to redo the new early quests for individual Loremasters. For one, they're new! It was new content and it kinda made sense. I even don't mind that after collecting all the pets for the "Safari" achievements (that are available by now), Blizzard announces the upgrade stones. Sure it would have been nice to get them during the time when I was doing PvE pet battles, but things happen and it's a good addition to cut down on rare spawn farming. However, this new addition for the achievements leaves no new content in regards to already completed achievements and forces those of us who have done the work, to do it all over again if we wish to obtain the new achievements. Seems poorly planned, and I strongly urge the Blizzard staff to address this issue.

didnt know about this. i have 7 achvs left and now i guess ill wait because like you said its like doing it twice. unless they use one of yours or similar ideas but i doubt it.
I think it was posted about a week ago on mmo-champion. When I heard about the new artifacts I kept my fingers crossed they wouldn't do this, I just saw today that they did. I'm glad at the very least I can help my fellow achievement hunters. :)
Guess someone didn't see the datamined sonic locator.

Problem solved.
Faith restored. I'll try to edit the above post with new information. I Googled the sonic locator and wasn't able to get a ton of information about it but it does seem promising. Thank you for bringing this to light. Hopefully others will stumble upon this thread who were as concerned as I was!

I'd fully expect it to be somewhat different like you need a restored artifact to get a limited use item but ya it's definately alot better than having to grind the old races again and again when they have no new rewards.

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