491 ilvl bear

Looking for a guild i can run 2 nights a week with in raids. Been looking for sometime and pugged with a few people but most seem to run 3 nights a week or late hours. Looking for something ending by 11pm cst 2 nights and not on friday, saturday nights. dont matter if its 10man or 25man. pst in game alt code is ò to make the fancy letter. thank you for your time.
Iron I think Apotheosis would be a great fit for you. Tuesday/ Thursday 7:30-10:30 ST (which is Cent) My guild seems to be on par with what armory shows for your progression. We need a bear tank to complement our current plate MT. My raid is professional and goal oriented and we don't waste each other's time. Its 10:47 now and I'm at work, I will contact you in game when I get home at 5:30 (cst). Hope to hear from you.

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