7/16HM iLvl 497 Fury Warrior LF +8GMT Raid

Currently looking for a new raid team to call home. I would prefer to raid 2-3 nights per week on a GMT+8 schedule.

I am looking for a minimal drama environment where I can log in, raid/have fun and log out. My preference is for 10M raiding but I am happy to hear from 25s. Current Raid experience is 7/16H + Elite Protectors.

Raid Experience:

BC : Kara | SSC | BT | MH | Gruul's | The Eye (TK) | ML
WoTLK : ICC | TotC | Naxx | OS | EoE | Onyxia | Ulduar | VoA
Cata : BD | BH | BoT | TotFW
MoP : 5/6H MSV | 2/6H HOF | 4/4N TOES + Elite Protectors

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