Polymorph health resets?

I agree with the health regen of Poly being taken away, its an old and stupid mechanic that doesnt apply to any other CC.

Poly should work just like Hex, which is basically the same spell. Hex is an improved Poly, no health regen and does not always break on damage.

Other forms of CC do have their downsides but they are not as obvious to see as poly's health regen.

I disagree with poly working like hex. Hex is part of a class whose control tools have cooldowns and primarily works on roots/snares.
While the health regen kinda stinks, poly can be spammed and hex cannot, there has to be a drawback. If you compare to the other two spammable CCs, fear has a million extra ways to break that would not break poly (zerker rage, tremor, fear ward, wotf, etc), and cyclone has a lower duration/range (which I don't think is enough of a deterent, I would trade poly for cyclone in a heartbeat) but there ya go. If they treated poly like hex, it would need to have a cooldown, I'd rather just be able to spam it/use it smartly.

I do think there should be a small dmg threshold attached, which wouldn't even matter since they get healed through it anyway. So hard to use in BGs/RBGs
poly was designed for pve. pvp was an after thought. back in the day a spammable CC like poly was amazing. if it didn't reset health there would be no reason the mage couldn't just cc anything and everything to make things easier for the group. burn add enraged? poly it and wait it out... but you can't do that because it reset his health.

the class has been designed around poly for quite a long time. I've just learned to accept it.
Given the mages burst abilities and amazing CC, having a non healing poly would be ridiculously overpowered.
Why can mages blink while stunned? It's just the way they were set up in vanilla.
Poly originally had the self heal because in the original beta mages where nuking, sheeping, nuking, sheeping, etc. Basically using it like a stun.

In vanilla it was also one of the most commonly used and most effective CCs, so it had the negative associated with it. I don't think that is true any longer.

There is definitely good arguments to removing the heal component. I would personally rather see it gain something as a stand out over the other CCs and keep the heal component. That way it can be different without just being weaker.
Are you new to the game?
get rid of ice ward talent its crap no one uses put int sickly poly =p ROF or sickly poly or frost jaw? those would be 3 good choices =]
Polymorph is fine the way it is. We're designed around it the way it is. If it didn't heal the target, we would be downright ridiculous
02/06/2013 11:08 PMPosted by Obbi
get rid of ice ward talent its crap
Actually, if arcane turns out to be competitive next patch (which all signs point to yes at this point) then I'll probably pick this talent up. Even at 4 stacks, arcane is still going to be reliant on effectively getting casts off. So I'm going to want to pick up a talent that helps me achieve that. All three of those talents help accomplish that, but only one option is always instant.

So I can take iceward, which means PoM is less attractive, so blazing speed (another kiting/casting tool) becomes an even more attractive option. I'm not sure if BS + Ice Ward is better than PoM - RoF, and most likely the choice will be heavily weighted by what comp I'm playing against in arena that match. But I'll be giving this spell a serious look come 5.2 as arcane.

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