eMotion LF Melee DPS with Tank offspec

"eMotion" are looking for a Melee DPS (Pref Warrior or DK) to replace a ranged DPS in a 10man raid group. We would like to achieve greater raid balance as we will soon be moving on from Mogu'Shan Vaults to Heart or Fear and ofcourse onto Terrace.
We do require you to have a tanking offspec and be comfortable tanking all fights. Although it will be a rare occurance for you to tank (only when one of our main tanks is away) the raid group will still help to gear you in both specs.
Raid times are Monday, Thursday and Friday 7.30pm -10.00/10.30pm ST and 90% raid attendance is essential
ALL enchants, gems, and reforging will be supplied by the guild.
Please send ingame mail to or PST "Hellamog"
From everyone here at eMotion we look forward to hearing from you :)

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