Got 75 and a few questions

Death Knight
I was wondering how much people used death siphon and if it continues to be good at higher levels.

From when I got it to now it was my highest damage move on a single target up to 11000 damage now. The problem with using it was having my blood runes be death runes. I was thinking what if it used unholy runes?

So at 75 I tried to use this blood tap and I am going crazy. It is a lot of fun for me to use strike then pestilence, then howling blast, then mess around using obliterate death siphon and blood tap. Anyways I love the blood tap and death Sipon thing.

Last dungeon I was in said I did the most damage out of anyone so I was wondering if I am doing it right? Or just another "Do not know how to play my class? Still do 20k DPS"
its very good lower levels and can save you in a tight spot

higher levels its pretty much garbage. even with the buff coming to it in 5.2 that makes the healing 150% of damage dealt
That is sad to hear =/ really having fun with it.

It did save me a few times too.

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