<Friends> 10m 3/16HM LF Warr Tank and Heals


We are working on getting up and running again. After a couple internal guild issues, we have taken a couple weeks break and are ready to get back to downing bosses. We are a good group of friends (pun kind of intended) needing more for progression.

Currently, we are 16/16 including Elite Protectors and 3/16HM (Stone Guard, Feng and Garajal). We have Elegon down to 15%.

Raid Times:
9:30-12:30 Wed/Thurs/Sun

Protection Warrior/Guardian Druid
Resto Shaman
Mistweaver Monk
Exceptional DPS

We are hopefully looking for these classes/roles that share similar experience with Heroics and share about the same gear level.

Flasks/Pots/Feasts/ will be provided.

We will not normally go past raid times, unless everyone is wanting one more attempt at something we could possibly down. If you get easily offended, then I would not recommend choosing us. We like to joke around, but like to be semi-serious when trying new boss difficulties. Hope to hear from you guys!

If interested still, add our battletags:

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