The return of Walking Dead!

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The long wait is finally almost come to an end, the much anticipated restart is fast approaching!

If you have been keeping up with it the previews have kinda given away some of what you are expecting to happen. Talking about the spots with certain key ppl in them showing future events past the premier.

Anyways, very much lookin forward to the start of the new season or 2nd half of the old season however you want to look at it.

My friend who has read majority of the comics says they have like 20 years worth of material just from them.

Looking forward to the Return of Walking Dead!
Is it sunday yet?! Can't wait to see the new season. Well may as well be a new season with that long break in the middle!

I'm avoiding anything that even smells like a spoiler, so I'm not reading this thread.

But yea, I can't wait for one of the very best shows on TV to return.
All I have to say is:
/clears throat
/dramatic tone
Who watched it last night??? :D
Me of course! and it was awesome!

Some shockers though. Won't go into any details but some of what happened I wasn't expecting in the least.
I watched it and played around on the amcstorysync thing too. I would say some of it was a lil predictable and some of it had me scratching my head wondering. All in all a good episode and can't wait for next sunday!

yes, I now have a reason to look forward to sundays again.

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