Prot Trinket Question

Is Lei Shen's Final Orders a viable item for Prot since Haste is so good right now?

The Strength proc on it isn't useless, too, because it's Parry rating and attack power/spell power, which helps healing and Sacred Shield.

Since the link isn't giving the proper value, the proc gives 3236 Strength on the Normal Mode version.
It's an extremely good trinket for Prot - so good in fact, that I'd rank it as the best overall damage reduction trinket of the tier (on top of obviously being quite good for beating enrage timers).

It's hard to beat a tremendous amount of passive Haste, and Strength is actually a bit better than Parry rating for us because of Sacred Shield/SoI heals. (Strength still isn't stellar, but it's better than pure avoidance.)

Obviously I'd still pass to a Ret Paladin since the Mastery/Dodge one is roughly equal in value to a tank, but if you have it, it's supposed to be delicious.
I had the opportunity to get it last week, but I actually passed to an offspec Ret because I was unsure of the Strength proc.

We have no mainspec Strength-based dps, so next time it drops, I'll be sure to grab it.

Been using it in my prot set for awhile now. I'm enjoying it.

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