[H]<Monolith>10 [6/6:4/6:1/6] LF 2 DPS

Area 52
<Monolith> is recruiting 2 DPS for our 10-man raid team. We are looking for two players from the following classes:


Raid times
Tu 8-11
We 8-11
Fr 8-12

Loot system
BoP: Free roll for main spec, roll for off-spec if no one's main spec needs.
BoE Epic: Free roll for main spec, otherwise usually auctioned for guild funds.

About <Monolith>
Our guild has been raiding since TBC, most of our raiders have been playing since vanilla. Typically when a tier ends we have cleared all of normal and most hard modes. Our current progress is behind its usual pace because we got a late start this expansion due to some organizational issues.

Our raid chat (Ventrilo) is friendly and focused on executing the night's mission. We pay all repairs and provide flasks. We also provide mats for high-end crafted gear and enchants to full-member raiders.

Qualities we look for in players
Maturity. You are able to tolerate frustration in difficult fights. You are able to give and accept constructive criticism.

Dedication. Our raiders average 90% attendance rates. We put in the time to get valor gear outside of raiding. We study raid guides/videos before attempting a new boss.

Class Knowledge. You have read guides for your class. Your gear is correctly gemmed, enchanted and reforged. You understand your talent and glyph options, and know how to adapt them to different encounters.

Team-Oriented. If an item is a tiny upgrade for you and a 20 ilevel upgrade for another core raider, you will likely choose to pass on it for the overall good of the raid team.

How to Apply
Contact Grassmunch, Axlerose or Richelieu in-game, or apply in our website's forums at:

monolithguild dot org
Can you tell me what time zone the server is on?

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