[H] Battleworn 10m-3 days- 16/16N Recruiting

<Battleworn< Is a new 10 man Guild located on Kel’thuzad with 6/16H+ leadership that is now newly recruiting to start up a new core raiding group.
A little about myself and my co-gm , Independence (Because frankly, we are the ones who will be leading this group!)

I have been playing since Vanilla Wow. I have been in the hardcore guild, Sons Of Ether, Located on Bonechewer, during Vanilla on my Mage and Paladin. In B.C, I joined Bad News Bears (another hardcore guild) as Mage and carried on with them onto WOTLK where I changed my role from dps to tank (Blood dk). I met my paladin friend , Independence during this time (We are school-friends). As I progressed in the pve world, I also started progressing in the pvp world , partially because I wanted to out-do Independence. I carried several characters to Glad and then sold them. Independence was doing the same thing as well as casually raiding. During the end of WOTLK, I decided to quit BNB and form up my own guild with Independence where we established a casual pvp environment , because frankly, the Twilight raid depressed us both.

In Cata, we lead a successful semi-hardcore raiding guild, clearing heroic content as it came to us. In DS, thanks to our dual-leadership, we finished 7/8 DS H pre-nerf. Then came time for us to quit because Pandaland was coming. We felt The japs were taking over the game and felt that !@#$%^/Cuddly bunnies would be the basic theme of the raiding and environment… We were wrong.. We came back to play.. Except, Indy started pvping much more hardcore and I started pveing semi-core with a guild.
The guild I was in was , in plain words, garbage. The healers were pulling low numbers, the dps were pulling low numbers, and quit frankly, It was only myself and the off-tank that carried the group. Although I was not the gm, I assisted the gm in the role of co-raid leader. But this was too much for me, I was tired of being in this sad excuse of a guild any longer.

With that being said, here we are. …

Like I said before, “Battleworn” Is looking to fill its core group with dedicated raiders to competitively raid once again.

Our Semi-hardcore environment will not fool you. We are not here to hold your hand and carry you through content. You pull your own weight. At the same time, we are not people who rage, vent their real-life anger on guildies, etc.
We at Battleworn want our guildies to enjoy logging on to raid with us. We understand this is a game, we are here to have fun.

Sounds good so far? Great! Here is some formal information about raid time and date:

Raid times
Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday. 8:30-11 P.M. EST (We do not pull again if we know it will go past the 11 mark. We know people have jobs, school, etc. to attend to. Therefore, we end off at 11 p.m. EST

Sounds good still? Even better! Here is some contact information , should you require any more information.

Ayrabs#1739 If you are interesting in joining our group, feel free to whisper me In game. Vent application required as we expect all raiders to have a working Ventrilo and a working MIC!

Casuals welcome as well.

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