495frost/blood DK lf raiding.10/16HM exp

Guild Recruitment
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Hey Walnut!

Methodical Gaming (Windrunner-US Alliance) is a home for adults who want to enjoy high-level 10 man progression raiding in a respectful, mature atmosphere without sacrificing their real life. We're currently 10/16H with multiple sub-5% attempts on Vizier and expect it to fall this week.

Current Recruitment Needs:
- 1x Tank, preferably with functional DPS offspec
- 1x Ranged DPS (Warlock, Hunter or Mage)

Scheduled Raids: Raids are scheduled for 8-11pm PST Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Our general focus for scheduled group events is late evenings (PST) during weeknights, in keeping with our target membership's real life obligations.

If you'd like to learn more about us, please take a look at the information below, and visit us on our website. If you like what you see, please register on the site and submit an application!

Methodical Gaming has existed as a strong gaming community for over one year. We have had several real-life guild meetups, one in Portland and one in Seattle; we like to game with people that we consider friends and would hang out with in our everyday lives. Our leadership and members are veteran WoW raiders with high-end experience who are excited to return to the game for Mists of Pandaria. We have been successful raiders in Classic WoW through Cataclysm and in other games. Methodical Gaming takes pride in being a mature guild that is a positive presence on our server.

What's an exceptional applicant? A mature person who can write intelligent, well-formed sentences. Someone who has demonstrable experience in a progression raiding environment, and has the competitive mindset required to thrive in a limited schedule progression guild. The kind of person that will learn their class inside and out, not so they can brag about big numbers, but so they can help the team succeed on the most difficult content in the game.

Guild Culture: The guild roster is comprised of professionals, parents, and those seeking a mature, adult atmosphere with a history of high level success in MMO end-game content. We are a high end, progression raiding guild for time constrained adults who are willing and able to perform at a hardcore level in a limited amount of raid time. This type of player is, unfortunately, a minority in the MMO community. In that light, recruitment is quite discerning, focusing on quality of recruits rather than quantity.

We enjoy an environment that's mature, light-hearted, mutually respectful, and open to a variety of ideas and discussions. We definitely keep childish bigotry and insults out of guild chat and the forums. Don't embarrass yourself, and by extension all of us, on official forums or server-wide chat channels, and don't do anything sleazy, rotten, or illegal as it relates to the game. If you generally act like an intelligent, well-adjusted adult, you'll fit in just fine with Methodical Gaming.

Raid Environment and Expectations:

* Enjoyable, but efficient environment. We are all adults and we are all here to have fun. In that light, we aim for an enjoyable raid environment. In between pulls or during farm content people are encouraged to liven up and socialize. Given our time constraints, during progression pulls a strict policy of "raid leader only" on voice chat except for relevant, necessary contribution will be adhered to.

* Reliability. This doesn't mean you can't miss guild events, it just means you must let us know if we were expecting you. Communication is extremely important for a group that raids efficiently on a limited schedule.

* Preparedness. As we have a light schedule, it's vital that people are ready to go promptly when a guild event starts. This includes spending time researching and preparing for encounters well ahead of the beginning of the

* Competence. Know how to maximize your contribution and minimize error. Just because we all have significant real lives doesn't mean we won't be at the top of this game.

* Respectful and mature towards others in the guild. This is pretty self explanatory and extremely important. We're a team, let's work together and enjoy ourselves.

For potential recruits, attitude > skill > experience > gear. We want people who share our outlook and are skilled players first and foremost. While we may make certain needed classes and specs a priority for recruitment, we will not close recruiting to any class. Good players who can fit into our play style will always be considered. We welcome players who are looking to re-roll from other servers or factions!

If you are interested in finding out more about us please visit our webpage at http://www.methodicalwow.com or contact Keika (Keika#1469), Carsyn, or Wugan in game on Windrunner!

<Spectral> Is a Semi-Hardcore end game raiding guild from Frostmourne (US). We are now recruiting for dedicated and determined raiders for Heroic Progression.

6/6H MSV
4/6H HoF
0/4H ToES


Raid Schedule: [Australian EST]

Wednesday: 6:00PM - 10:30PM PST
Thursday: 6:00PM - 10:30PM PST
Sunday: 6:00PM - 10:30PM PST
Monday: 6:00PM - 10:30PM PST

Currently Looking for:


A High raid attendance is obviously required
Knowledge of the fights prior to raid schedule, Also the input of opinions is welcomed (Would rather not have a raid of drones)
Full knowledge of your class to an extent, We would expect you to understand your class/role inside out so you can maximize your potential in the raid. This includes changing specs for specific bosses etc.
Fully geared main specialization including Gems,Enchants and Reforging.
Being able to provide your own Consumables to the raid.
Having Mumble and owning a microphone to call out necessary raid mechanics.
Being able to operate on a multi-task level so we don't have to call out the raid mechanics for you.
An equipped iLvl of 490 or higher.

If you would like to submit an application please feel free to leave a reply to this thread with basic knowledge of yourself.

Or you can contact us In-Game by Mailing/Messaging messiah#1566
Hey Walnut - how comfortable are you with tanking? I have a **CORE** spot for an experienced DK tank!

<Warpath> is a 25M 10/16 Heroic guild that raids from 7:30-10:30 PST, right around the time you're looking for right?

Anyway, if you want more info about us, head over to my "official" recruitment thread:

Or check out our website at http://www.warpathakama.com

Good luck in your guild search! :)
Still looking?

We're building a 3rd team in our guild to fit a different time schedule. We need a Resto Druid and you. Hard modes...np. Swift progression...np. Sell HM runs...np. Let's talk to see if it's a good fit.

All details below


Please add my battletag from above link ASAP.
Still looking
Hi Walnut. We're looking for a skilled Blood/Frost Death Knight for our 10 man progression core. This is an immediate core spot!

Quick Info:
<Subtle Insanity> US-Stormreaver Horde
Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sun 8:30-11:30pm CST(server time)
Progression: 16/16N - 10/16H
Previous Tiers: 7/7H FL - 8/8H DS
Website: subtle-insanity.enjin.com
Full Thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415136719

Battle Tag: Ziemia#1835
If you are interested please contact me. Hope to hear from you!
Hey my guild is Endless-Waltz over on Dragonmaw server on the horde side and we are a 25m raiding guild. We are looking for a good blood DK to be part of our team and you would fit the spot and I really think you would enjoy our guild. We raid from 7:30 PST till 11:00PST Tues/Wed/Thurs and during our off nights we do alt runs and run some of the old raids together for fun or PvP and challenge modes. We have been around since BC and have a good raiding record. 90% of the players that come to our guild end up retiring their raiding careers with us as well. Currently we are 6/16H and working on more heroic progression and really trying to get a strong team together so we can push through some serious content for 5.2 We're a fun group to raid with also and we like to joke around with each other and just have a good time but we also like to kill bosses! So if you got some time message me



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