[H] <Invicto> 10M 1/13H ToT LFM

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Invicto is currently looking for team orientated players.
We are looking for professional minded players who have experience in top end raiding.

Current Progression
ToT: 1/13H

Guild Needs
Regardless of what our recruitment status says we’re always looking for exceptional players.

Tanks: Closed

Healers: Closed

DPS: 2
Fury Warrior
Fire Mage
Balance Druid

Raiding Schedule - (12h Week)*
Tuesday-Thursday +Sunday: 11:00pm-2:00am (CST)

* - During progression, raid times might be extended if close to a new kill.

What we require and expect from you
- Ilvl 510+
- Mature and friendly attitude.
- Ability to take and accept criticism.
- Understanding Team Play
- To wipe on new content, without an issue.
- You must be able to raid on all 4 raiding nights.
- You must listen and speak on Mumble.
- You need to have full knowledge of your class.
- Gear min/maxed for current content.
- Full knowledge of current raids and near future raids.

If you meet the above requirements and/or believe that you are an exceptional raider, please contact Angrydruid (BloodRaged#1607)

You can also see some of our work via our web site http://www.invicto-gaming.com/
I'm the real Angry
01/31/2013 08:12 AMPosted by Angryknight
I'm the real Angry

01/31/2013 08:12 AMPosted by Angryknight
I'm the real Angry

baddie bad bad
Will the real Angry plz stand up
I wish I was angry enough. :(
lol Sup Angryknight. I knew I saw you around some place. Must be your logs on WoL :P
Up Up.

Really in demand for a solid as hell hybrid healer.
Resto Sham/Ele would be pretty sick.
I know you're out there shaman... I can feel you.
Looking for a solid as !@#$ Tank.
We would really like a Prot Pali or Warrior but Skill beats all.

Also, still need that damn hybrid healer. Shaman with DPS os OR... a bad %^- holy pali.
Hummmm... tough crowd :) Still need those peeps...

We will keep on over coming the challenges but sooner or later I'm going to find you guys.
lets goooo
Indeed little buddy... indeed.

02/06/2013 02:43 AMPosted by Klippers
lets goooo
to the top
annnd sleep
Couple more down tonight, really would like to find dem perdy heals.
Come on fatties, starting hard modes next week. Hit me up before reset.
Up Up and snoooze time
Up Up before work
Looking for a few more recruits.

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