[H] <Invicto> 10M 1/13H ToT LFM

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Nice guild man.
Still looking for a couple more.
02/09/2013 05:12 AMPosted by Alan
Nice guild man.

Thanks. You guys are doing good as well ;) grats on dogs.
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Boink, back to the top with you!
Looking for a few more. Healer would be great
A little bit of everything wouldn't hurt to be honest.
With 5.2 possibly coming as early as the 26th we will be looking to expand a bit sooner into our 25 mode.

Also, while we are new to the server and still trying to fine tune the group, by no means are we a casual guild. I do appreciate players contacting me interested in spots but if you are not experienced in raiding in some sort or another or just hit 90 and have sub par gear for even msv... we are not that type of guild and perhaps your time would be better spent trying another guild.

Thank you and we look forward to new peeps :)
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to the top!
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Angrydruid - I enjoyed our chat the other day - and I gave it some serious thought - but your current raiding schedule is just not something to which I can commit.

Best of Luck!!
;) no worries thanks for getting back to me.
Best of luck to you as well!
Updated, Sha down close on emp should be 16/16 by end of week.
Heroics to come soon.
Bump in the night
zoink get back up there you!
Is it raid time yet?
Up up up little buddy
Should be 16/16 by the end of the night.
Really need to find that other sick healer to help us push into hardmodes ASAP.

but the raid times.....grrr.

bump <3
Thanks for the bump qt, it's all good :) those times are only for us late night odd balls.

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