[H] <Invicto> 10M 1/13H ToT LFM

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16/16 normals now
Indeed, now to find that smelly 3rd healer
pray for ya maybe you will get him soon (:
;) Thanks Neekl
Hum got everything but msv cleared tonight so hopefully we can start adding some Heroic mode stuff in this week <3
up up ya go little guy
up up
First heroic out of the way couple more to come this week hopefully.
Up Up 2 more heroics down.

Want to remind you that we are opening recruitment for our 25m.
We started 10 but only to get progression and show we are serious.
Please, we are only looking for serious raiders who love doing progression raiding.
We don't have time to help you with your training wheels ;P
Up Up
Up Up.

Sometime this week going to rework this recruitment post.
We have and always will be a 25m guild but to make starting off easier we went 10 for this content.

Hit me up ;)
more recruits for 25 man go go
up up

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