█★█TYRANNY US#32-25m 16/16H LF DK/Rogue█★█

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Hey there. I am a 494 warlock with 8 years of raiding experince. I have lead 40 mans,25 mans and 10 mans. Currently I know 10/16 of the heroic fights and research the other ones constantly so I have a general idea of how the fight works. I am a quick learner and very determind to be competitive with other warlock. I can make 100% of the raids and will do anything you ask me to. I am open to constructive critisium to better myself on my character. I do not currently have logs which is a failure on my part and I am sorry. I do pull high numbers and work on getting them even higher. I am willing to transfer today if needed. My battle tag is Krymsen#1236. Thank you for reading this and have a very nice day

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