2-3 raiders LF 25Man progression guild

Bleeding Hollow
2 raiders and myself are looking for a guild to push heroic progression with, all competent and four of us with current logs of a few fights we've already done while recently transferred. Classes are as follows : 2 dps- 1 ranged 1 melee and 1 healer

489 elemental shaman Mineh
488 Holy priest Yunalisca (possibly)
489 assassination rogue Synkroo

We are looking for a 25 man guild that is at least beginning heroic progression and doesn't raid too often as most of us have work or college going on. We seek raid times beginning at 8:45 EST and at no time earlier than that since some of our schedules conflict with any time before that. We will provide logs when requested and are open to any questions you guys might have.


Are you willing to transfer to alliance?
What days are you able to raid? Your post is quite ambiguous when it comes number of days.
What makes you more qualified than someone who has killed 16/16n?
We just transferred from khadgar where kills were limited. In the runs we pugged in myself and mineh have personally helped certain guilds get to 16/16 in their progression as pugs, and being near the top in dps in that regard. we are open any days between mondays and thursdays. And to be honest, probably not, we just transferred from alliance to horde expecting to try out for a certain guild that had their eyes on us but eventually become dodgy about it. We are currently a trial in a newly formed 25 man and can supply logs of that dps if you wish to do so. We aren't saying we aren't any more qualified, but rather we are confident we can perform at that level.
There are two horde guilds that offer what you want, Burrowed Time and L4D, but im sure you are already aware of that and one of those guilds probably snubbed your crew. Its unfortunate that your current guild does not provide what you seek (MWT). As you cannot transfer to alliance, I cannot extend an offer. However, I took a look at your logs and I am sure you will find a place somewhere - recruitment is tight for everyone nowadays. Good luck in your search.
Yes, and for respect purposes ill leave the guild that did that nameless. It is not absolutely necessary for raid times to be out of the weekend, but we would highly prefer it to be on a weekday, as weekends are usually my study time.

Thank you for the consideration and the almost offer.

As for everyone else, we are still looking around, doesn't have to be instant but we would like to at least be able to talk to a few groups.

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