so just starting a warrior...

Getting owned hardcore.. any place i can find tips ?
as far as i know, the pvp sword is better until 65, get that.
otherwise, you will get WRECKED by ANY ranged with a little knowledge in the outland brackets. warriors pull ahead once brutal gear comes into play, and gets better the higher you get.
If you aren't already, I would try PvPing as Prot.

That's what I did when I leveled this guy over a year ago, make sure you hamstring right after you get on someones face. Darkflight should help you when chasing people down, you're going to have to try and live through large damage while getting kited which is why I recommend prot.

If you're mounted and chasing/about to engage on someone, resist the urge to open with charge if they can kite you. Try to bait certain classes into using their escapes and don't try to be a hero by running into groups on your own. Victory Rush will save you in really tight situations (especially situations where you find yourself alone with some half-dead enemies) so PLEASE make sure that's bound to a very reasonable and reachable key that you can press in a split second.

Get your first aid up to it's highest level you can while leveling, when you have no DoT's on you this will be your saving grace. Make sure to grab decent food as well and with the help of second wind those same dots I mentioned before shouldn't be able to kill you unless it's a stronger DoT that does good damage when it crits. So just wait it out and when you can either eat or bandaid up.

Keep in mind it's INCREDIBLY difficult for a Warrior to run away from a fight, don't second guess yourself on decisions too much in a fight, either commit, get the kill and heal off of a victory rush or stand there pacing back and forth until you drop dead.

This also goes without saying but pay attention to what other classes do to you and their quirks, find the most important spell to interrupt on a certain caster and make sure you lock them the hell out of ever using it if possible.

As prot you can lead the charge into large scale battles as long as you're packing the right back up and abilities. Make sure you have a healer before you go all leeroy into a pack of 5-10 people. PICK YOUR TARGET, don't go in blind, before going in to a group fight pick a priority target and stick to their face. However this does not mean tunnel vision them, if you get peeled off of them try to find the next best target. One way to make sure you have a clear path to your target is to immediately Intimidating Shout when the enemy is bunched up.

I'm pretty much pointing out the obvious but I hope any of this helps. I haven't leveled a warrior after the MoP changes but I have leveled quite a few of them through PvP and have always had a blast. I hope you have a lot of fun once you start turning the tables around as well.

Good luck out there, Warrior.
Fight on brother in arms, we warriors get better as we get higher in level. I'd probably stay away from endgame pvp though if you like to just wreck people because it gets quite competitive and unfair sometimes.

Fight on through the endless ocean of blood my friend.

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