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<Chaos Knightz>
Server : Blackrock
Faction : Horde
Website : www.ChaosKnightzClan.com

We are a raiding guild that began late and wants to progress while having a good time playing the game. We are currently filling our raid group for our core 10 Man, as well as building up our PvP activity. If you are looking for a relaxed environment and a fun place to play with a friendly ventrilo then we are the guild you are looking for! We are looking for (Age)18+(Mature players).

In-Game Contacts:

Guild Master

Senior Officers

Rage (Website Admin)
Zulidus (PvP)
Talons(25 Man)

Raid Times:

[u]Group 1
(ToT)(Building 25 man)
Tues. and Thursday (Extra day is Monday if anyone wants to run it 10 man)
5PM-7Pm(Server Time)

Roles We are Currently Looking for!


1 Healer(Monk/Pally)(25 Man)

Monk (Group 1)(25 Man)
Death Knight (Group 1)(Frost)(Off spec blood)(25 Man)
Druid(Boomkin/Feral)(25 Man)
Warlock(Any Spec Prefer Affliction)(25 Man)

Or just post here and I will respond ASAP!
Would you be needing a Retribution Paladin at all? I came in late to the raiding scene and am looking for a new home!
Yes we do have one more melee DPS slot open ATM. If you would like to raid with us come this tuesday and thursday you would be more than welcome to come if you can make our raid times. Im assuming that you can because you posted here on this thread. So add me in game or one of the officers and we can give you any more info that you might need or want to know about us!

I do see that you do not have any experience in HoF at the moment, but as long as you read up on the fights and are a competent raider they should not be that hard to comprehend the mechanics on the first few fights are pretty simple anyways.

Thanks for you interest, hope to talk to you in game soon.

Also you can get our vent info from any of our officers and jump in our vent if you just want to chat instead of having to type out all your questions. I know it would make it easier for everyone!
Hello! I notice that you have listed that you are no longer in need of any tanks, but I thought I would post anyway just to get my name out there! I raided a bit at the start of MoP but fell behind when my guild mates decided to stop playing and I hit a bit of a technical snafu. I'm currently ilvl 470 and have some experience in MSV. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any time in HoF, but I have done my research on all of the fights. I haven't been able to find a guild so far with raid times that fit my schedule, but yours are perfect for me.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear back from you!
Yea our current main tank is a pally ATM :\ sorry but right not ATM we dont need another pally tank. I know we are working on forming a second raid group, but the times and days in which that will run is still up in the air. I dont know if you would want to stick around and see how that works out. But if you are just floating around and looking for a guild to hang out and play till you find a home you are more than welcome to contact me in game! We always have room for people who are looking to play and enjoy the game!
looking for a raid for my HPally, your times work well for me. If you end up needing a healer, hit me up.. My main is 6/6h 6/6h 2/6h.. just looking for something fun to do w/ my pally.
Will do sir, Ill keep you added on my Friends list just in case we have a healer slot that happens to open up. Or we need someone to fill a spot for a week!
We need a boomkin / Resto anyonne out there...?
I'm here to bump....you up!
Wheres all the Healz at !!!! Come on where 6/6 MSV... 5/6 HoF + most of us are 3/4 toes.
Going up ^
476 Prot
Bump Still looking for tanks!

Btw If you happen to read this Thread again, I havent had the chance to be online I guess when you are to PST you to get some more information, could have used to mail...lol but I am just thinking of it now >< If you get a chance and see me on whisper me.

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