<Chaos Knightz> Recruiting 10man

UP you go!
I heard ya'll got gas.
I see you need a healer im a rsham if you need one at all.
I'm a 470 MW monk in the same boat, came into the expansion late and am trying to catch up. I'm looking for a reliable group to raid with.
Bump LF 1 TANK Will help gear and teach if you are a competent person!
LF Heals and Tank again....woot for BLACKROCK!
LF OFF TANK Still!!!
Group 3 is looking for a Ranged DPS with off spec heals
Up you go
I was ally on stonemaul....a dead server Im transfering over and I switched to the Horde 496 shad/496 disc 487 pvp if your interested
Up you go!
Looking for some more DPS for our 25 man group! PST IN GAME if interested or if you need more information!
more dps... More dps... MORE dps.... MORE DPS!!!!!!!!
LF Healers and a few DPS spots still left open!

Also, Mad. Should update topic since doing 25m again.
BUMP. Needing a consistent lock and more ranged dps. Full on warriors, hunters, and any class that can play a healer, except potentially a holy pally.
Hi there you guys still looking for something? I have a shaman, priest, Mage and pally that can fill any roll. Hit me up in game! Brandowrecks#1969

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