Ret is Fine

*whistles at Invincible* Love the armor. ^^ Nicely done. You ooze paladin!
Nah this moron has made a few of these threads so regardless of whether he's baiting or not..
He's an idiot who needs to get back in his box.

Hi ... You have rage issues ... please go see your doctor in fear of you receiving a SMART failure on your heart.

Thank you ...

Oh and yes I am a jackass ... I enjoy it very much ... It seems to be working on you ...

Now address me as Champion TROLOLOLOLOFONOS!

Thank you Sir and have a great day.

Oh and vanilla was the !@#$ for pvp. Now arena is run around in circles and use LOS because you fail at pvp.

I don't understand how most people have issues with ret being not competitive in Arena/RBGS

Personally have zero issues with the spec in pvp, even back in vanilla while waiting for Seal of Command to proc with judgments every 8 seconds we were still fine.

Learn the role of a ret paladin. We are designed as support with burst damage, but primarily support. If you want to play a wicked melee class, roll a warrior or go play a rogue. Other than that ret spec is fine the way it is.

i have looked over your armory you should not talk

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