Nex Mortis is recruiting all raiders!

Nex Mortis is now openly recruiting anyone looking to raid or wanting to learn how to raid. The only requirement is that you be level 15+ (which is when you can queue for your first dungeon). We are currently 6/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF with raids running weekly. We will help you learn how to be the best you can be at your class and role and endevor to get you raiding with a working knowledge of all fights in current content as soon as possible. Come to level, raid and grow with the guild. Applications can be sent in via the guild website found at
We could also use some Class leads!!!
Accepting any applicants, specifically tanks and select dps. We are currently 3/12 in ToT. Apply at or send a wisper to Sarvoc / Conae / Nicedruid in game.

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