Brewmaster/WW Monk or Resto Druid LFG

Hi Lightbringer,

I'm a fairly new transfer to this server, I came here with a group that sort of fell apart because of attendance issues and I'm looking for a new group.

My Brewmaster is 482 ilvl with a dps offspec at 477, and my resto druid is at 484. I have full cleared MV on both these toons and progressed to HoF however, I am experienced with all fights, being as my main is 5/16 heroic and 16/16 normal.

I'm not picky about loot rules, I just would like a group that I could progress with and have fun. I'm unavailable to raid on Wed. and Thurs. which makes it hard I know, the best days for me would be Tues. Fri. and Sat.

Thanks :)
hello Delvious,

We are a lv 25 guild of mature people, looking to fill a few spots that have opened up due to members leaving the game.

We currently need healers and tanks, and are prioritizing pally tanks and disc healer. But we will take anyone who can play their class well and would be a asset to the team. Right now we are not looking for dps but we will still take very skilled interested players.

Speak with me in game zen#1446, I am very interested

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