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Cyaer Sunblaze is a nobody. A boy born to unknown parents and left in an orphanage, who fought every day of his life to struggle to survive on the streets of Silvermoon City.

A young man taking in by a guild that had hopes and aspirations for a rogue who thought he was a lone wolf. He learned he was a member of a pack, that he did have a family, and it changed him. He developed from a selfish looking out for number one, to a a man that brought values into his life.

Honor, valor, compassion...though his profession is a rogue, he has the heart of a paladin, that comes from the two most important people in his life, his deceased wife Karamia, and his current love, Kel'tira, the guildmistress and lady of House Sunblaze.

Each day he grows stronger in his own self worth, and discovery. With his lady love beside him, he prepares to take on the difficult trials and tribulations that life brings with each sunrise.
Long were the days when training was all i had to look forward to. Mornings with full of prayers, afternoons with rigorous swordplay and combat training, and the nights of endless study. The day came when I, formally Taron Ironhoof, was finally granted the title of Paladin, and I became a beacon of the holy law. Now i am called that which i cast upon sinners and evil-doers: Judgement. Although I am a proud member of the Horde, i serve the Gods to protect the whole of Azeroth with an iron fist, and protect all those in need.
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My character is a horrible blood elf. Why is she horrible? Well, Donika is very short (around 5'6) so she would be classified as a midget Blood Elf.

I'm...not sure where you're getting your standard from but 5'6" for a female blood elf is average. Blood Elves stand only very slightly taller than humans. You can even compare their heights in game.
Females stand somewhat shorter, just above a human male in height

Quote from Wow Wiki on the blood elf page:

So maybe she isn't a midget, but she still is short.
A former street urchin turned warmage; once served in the Gilneas Liberation Front and now a member of the Kirin Tor who is fiercely disinterested in politics and stubbornly ambitious. That's pretty much Ros in a nutshell.
Elwynn Ebonlocke, born in Darkshire to Lord Ello and Aysel Ebonlocke, is a human paladin. He was raised amongst the governors of the town and received his educative training in Stormwind. Although his morality shines brightly, his undead-tainted childhood has made him quite lordly and socially insensitive. This is not to say he does not feel for others, however. His own consolidating words inspired his sister to form The Night Watch Militia. Not only that, but he was a tremendous support to his father after his mother's death.

Before leaving Duskwood, he promised his dad that he'd triumph in reallocating Alliance soldiers to the army-deprived zones around the Kingdom.
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Females stand somewhat shorter, just above a human male in height

Quote from Wow Wiki on the blood elf page:

So maybe she isn't a midget, but she still is short.

WowWiki isn't really as trusted a source as Wowpedia which says:

They typically have fairly long hair, generally do not grow their facial hair to gigantic proportions until old age, and generally stand slightly taller than their human gender counterparts. As a general rule, blood elves are also slim, athletic, strong, and graceful.

Human females are a great deal shorter than males, who average six feet in height. So if I had to guess I would put the average height of a female blood elf at 5'8". Of course, like every other race, some are shorter than average, and others are taller than average. :)
(Keeping it brief)

Ba'thrul was born on Draenor toward the end of the second war and was raised into Kargath's Fel horde.
At fall of Hellfire Citadel, during the Burning Crusade, Ba'thrul was one among many Fel Orcs captured by a subset of the Thrallmar Offensive. These members of the Horde had grown tired of slaughtering their fellow Orcs and sought to break the cycle of killing.
After the death of Magtheridon these orcs were rehabilitated, in the process they forged a new identity for themselves and other like minded individuals.

Their new clan traveled to Azeroth to answer the call of war against the Lich King and officially join the Horde. On a more personal level, Ba'thrul sought to learn if his brother and father still lived...
Vandase is blonde, standing around six feet and two inches, he was a young adult when he lost his twin brother and family during Arthas' attack on Quel'thalas. Vandase later on became a Paladin for the Blood Knights in hopes of avenging his family.

He later on joined the Argent Crusade and went to Northrend. While fighting in Icecrown, tearing through many Scourge and Death Knights, there was only one Death Knight that proved a worthy match for him, this Death Knight was fully decked in armor his face was not visible.

Vandase and this Death Knight fought for a long period of time, uninterrupted. They seemed evenly matched, but Vandase gained the upper hand by delivering a concussive blow to the Death Knight's head sending his helmet flying across the room. The two made eye contact and Vandase dropped his weapon in astonishment. It was his younger twin brother Vitor.

After the Lich King's death and some time before Deathwing, the brothers became members of the Kor'kron.
Aovi Moonwatcher is an older bull, quick with a laugh or a helping hand. He was with the Bloodhoof Tauren as they claimed Mulgore, and lent his hands to the building of the Bluff.

After seeing the wider world, he made his way back home and worked his way up in an all-tauren guild, Thunderhoof Clan, to the rank of Minister, helping defend Shu'Halo homelands.

He is still active as a representative of his Clan to the DreadHorde, a confederation of smaller horde militias dedicated to defending against Alliance aggression.

He is known by his people for his love of his homeland and roasted oats, as well as his finely crafted netherweave bags. He can often be found sitting with his friends beside the pond in Thunder Bluff, sharing stories and having a sip of home-brewed oat ale.
Duhen Barklight. Former Sentinel, however in her 3268 years of life, she only served for 6 whole months worth of it before one day realizing she had become incredibly bored with the duty of a sentinel as it mostly involved critter control and apprehending petty criminals.

From there, she followed in her mother's footsteps and left the familiarity of the forest to travel the greater, far reaching wilds of Kalimdor and interacting with its many denizens for such an unfathomable amount of time, even she doesn't remember.

Duhen only returned home when the energies unleashed at the battle of Mount Hyjal alerted her to a great change in the world. Upon returning, she found new creatures - Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes and Orcs - had arrived upon the western landmasses shores.

Naturally a part of the Night Elven race, she is a part of the Alliance, and has recently set up her home in Stormwind since a few years ago. She actually works as a gardner, particularly for a college of the arcane, and spends much of her time helping out at an orphanage. Both are passions she never knew she had wandering the wilds in search of her mother, but found when she arrived in the Eastern Kingdoms and seeking a job. However, with the state of the world today, she feels a pull towards becoming a soldier and doing good once more. This time, perhaps for Stormwind.

And this is the short version.

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