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LF all gold CM's.

Can go any spec and can reforge/re-enchant if needed.


Plenty of raid experience (top 10 US for years, just went casual during Cata)
I want to tank some sometime! Sieara#1968
Realm: Tichondrius
Battle-Tag: Alec#1170
Challenge Experience: 3/9 Gold
Skype: aleczander.sutherland
9/9 gold experienced healer looking for group for GOLDS ONLY on my alt resto shaman

3/9 gold currently (SM/SH/siege)

only interested in golds


(Also I don't play after 10PM EST, been getting a lot of requests from the previous night after I wake up xD, more of a daygamer)

Also if you have 4 players with 0 gold experience on all your chars, don't bother adding me, I'm not looking to spend a surplus of hours relearning with random people that are new to challenge modes. I am looking to get this knocked out fast.
Horde Balance Druid
1/9 gold so far in Brewery
Can play every Monday and Tuesday all day (Also Friday nights at 5pm server- til morning)
Have flasks/pots/food ect
I know strats and I am patient
Hoping to knock our 2-3 more of the harder few this week
Add me if you need a Boomkin
2/9 Golds holy paladin looking to complete the ones I'm missing for golds
(finished Mogushan and Siege already)
I do have a ret off-spec as well (would prefer to heal)

Add me Envien#1687
503ilvl Blood/Frost Dk LF Cmodes
I need MSP, SH, and GoSS.
6/9 gold 9/9 silver currently and 10/16H raider (delver)
Cata#1568 (Available)
490 Frost Mage

7/9 Gold LF Stormstout Brewery and SPM

Available now and have all consumables, vent/skype

alliance boomkin ilvl 495
1/9g(14 secs off of gold in SM)
have all pots/food/invis pots(18 secs)
add blue#1115 online now(available till 9:30pm est)
Doing GoSS/SH first
Need 2 dps and a Healer
Resto druid LF all GOLD runs.
13/16 heroics cleared as a healer. Very skilled.
Have done 9/9 gold on tank. my druid.

Add if interested // for questions.
7/9 blood dk, with 9/9 exp on warlock, looking to complete golds on:

Add me to discuss availability. Tues/Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 PST, and Mon/Wed from 1:50 to 5:00 PST are my only definite off-limit times.

Doing SH/GoSS first
Need 1 tank pref blood dk
Frost DK/elemental shaman looking for silver or gold CM's
Raid Exp: 7/16H
CM exp: 3/9 silver 1/9 gold
Know all strats for gold on all dungeons
Have all consumables, flasks, pots etc.
Have vent/mumble/skype is my ele shaman
9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold SSB
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery
Gold Siege of Niuzao Temple
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral # 6911 ( No spacing , just for easy viewing )

Horde Shadow Priest
4/9 Gold

Looking for the following Gold CMs:

Have all necessary consumables, vent/mumble/skype; watched Aftermath CM guides.

I could go disc but I perform better as a spriest.

LF GOLD CM runners for Shado-Pan Monastery, Scarlet Halls, and Siege.

Have a couple more hours free tonight.

Alliance Warlock, 497 Affliction / Demonology

6/9 Gold in the last few days, including a server #1 rank on SSB.

Vent/Skype is a must.

I have an abundance of flasks, dps pots, invis pots and feasts.

Battletag: Mauler#1762

I'm an experienced, skilled, and determined player and I'm very happy to do a run over, and over, and over, until the group get's it right, but I'm NOT looking to carry anyone.

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