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1/9 gold 4/9 silver boomkin LF all cm(gold) have all consumable. have mic.. ilvl is 495 . i know my class very well add Blue#1115 Need more (especially a tank!). This is after the Superbowl!

Looking to do a SSB CM Silver (at least) run.


Put in your comment the run and your class. Really need a committed tank.
497 Mistweaver/ 488 Windwalker Monk LF CM golds.

Knows instances

Has consumables (15 and 18 sec invis pots, 300 food, dps pots)

3/9 Bronze XP (Siege, SB, SPM)

Available all day today

9/9 Gold Discipline Priest

Looking for groups to occasionally push for better times or just clear some of the easier golds consistently without trouble for easy VP some weeks. Looking for other 9/9 Gold groups.

Warlock looking to finish gold challenge modes.

Current Experience: 7/9G
  • Mogu'shan Palace
  • Gate of the Setting Sun
  • I'm always up for helping others finish theirs but would love to get these done.

    I have all consumables (300 food, 18s pots, flasks, etc), Vent/Mumble/Skype. I have all the time in the world so I'd like to push them if at all possible ;P.

    Battletag: Kinkypoo#1611

    Thanks =]!
    Brewmaster monk LF gold CMs.
    Previous heroic raid exp, 7/16H for this tier (Realm First Delver)
    Have consumables/flasks/food/invis pots/etc.
    Know strats, willing to learn different ones.
    Quick learner, have mumble/vent/skype.

    Available anytime except for after 6pm server on Mondays/Wednesdays/Thursdays.

    7/9 Gold (Scarlet Halls, Gate, SM, Shado-Pan Monastery, Temple of the Jade Serpent and Stormstout Brewery, Scholo) 1/9 Silver. (Siege of Niuzao).

    Looking to finish up:
  • Mogu'shan Palace
  • Siege of Niuzao Temple
  • B-tag: Thunderhowl#1277
    0/9 bm / sv /hunter 488 (6/6 mogu shan)
    got all food , flask and pots etc
    almost everyday
    485 assassination
    have skype/vent, though skype is preferred
    have all consumables on person

    Available all tonight and all week.

    Looking for all golds except scarlet halls (8/9 silver 1/9 gold already)

    Currently 7/9 Resto Shaman,

    Have all Consumable's

    Last 2 I need Are MSP and Scarlet Monastary,

    Willing to Help group if they need another one aslong as mine are done aswell

    battletag = sallon#1403
    501 warlock, 1/9 gold, 15/16 HMs
    Have SM gold (on first night trying), LF the remainder
    Will bring full consumables, etc
    Tag: Advocate#1150
    Frost DK/elemental shaman looking for silver or gold CM's
    Raid Exp: 7/16H
    CM exp: 3/9 silver
    Know all strats for gold on all dungeons
    Have all consumables, flasks, pots etc.
    Have vent/mumble/skype is my ele shaman
    IL 483 ret pally (Horde) LF Challenge Modes for GOLD Group im on 4 - 10 pm server week days weekends on randomly
    8/9 Mage LF Siege CM

    Have all consumables, know the fight and i know how to play my class therefore i can pull respectable dps.

    Willing to helpout with other challenge modes aswell if i get siege, ive done most of the challenge modes several times so i know them like the back of my hand.

    have a pretty flexible schedule. add me oxtrot#1690
    497 BM/WW Monk looking to finish
    Temple of the Jade Serpent,
    Mogu'shan Palace,
    Niuzao Temple,
    and Scarlet Halls.

    7/16 Heroic

    Have all Consumables.

    LF Siege and Mogu'shan Gold CM

    Currently 7/9 Gold

    Frost, know what I'm doing and will bring consumables.

    LF rogue for SM challenge mode gold run , right now pst :)
    Alliance Lock LF Challenge mode Gold runs, I come prepared, can run any days.

    Gold Stormstout Brewery
    Gold Temple of the Jade Serpent
    Gold Scarlet Monastery

    6/9 Gold - 3/9 Silver - 0/9 Bronze
    Aliance Affiction/Demonology Warlock looking to do:
    Gold Everything else (Will help clear ones I've already finished. I'll keep this updated)
    add Battletag :onixa#1462'
    Dps DK LF CM gold for Scarlet Halls, Temple of the jade serpent or Scholomance.
    Have buff food, invis, pots and flasks
    Have vent and skype, prefer skype
    Rdy to go now.
    4/9 Gold CM group looking for a reliable (prefer Oceanic player) DPS Sham or Hunter for CMs, we're fairly close to Gold MSP and we'll be hopefully doing some more tonight. Few nights ago we ended up only getting 1 CM Gold when we were aiming for 2-3 a night due to people disappearing and us having to pug and replace people all night. I honestly don't want that happening anymore. So if you're interested and you play late night US or you are an Oceanic player of the sort we're looking for, if you know your class very well and if you're able to listen on vent and communicate then hit me up on my battletag!

    Eisbrecher#6923 cheers.

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