Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #5

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7/9 GOLD just looking to finish
Horde Frost Mage
Gold Temple of the Jade Serpent
Gold Scarlet Halls
Please add me! Xandane#1397
2/9 Holy paladin looking for finish golds for the rest (already have mogushan and siege)

Add me Envien#1687
3/9 GOLD resto shaman

Gate/msp/ssb completed.

9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold SSB
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery
Gold Siege of Niuzao Temple
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral # 6911 ( No spacing , just for easy viewing )
Hey guys! I currently have 4 people including myself, we are looking for a solid Tank for Challenge modes!

Our current Comp is Holy Paladin , Mage , Shadow Priest , and Warlock.

We are all dedicated to finishing 9/9 and would prefer to have the same people each week.

We can figure out a time and day for when it's best for anyone.
Just as a heads up, most of us play later in the evening, around 7pm PST. And we would prefer if you could be available Thursdays.
If you want to ask me a question or need some info, please feel free to contact me.

Shownutz#1122 is my battletag.

We have mumble and stat food, all we ask is that you come prepared with flasks and Invis pots.
489 Frost Mage

7/9 Gold

LF SSB or SPM Gold Runs

Have consumables, vent etc.

Alliance monk, 485 WW (Dps) ~ 465 MW (heals)
Looking for any Golds
Has vent and skype
Has 9/9 Silver Experienced
Currently 1/9 gold
has consumables
Add: Lostcheetah#1529
Resto druid LF cms. 490ilvl Horde
btag: vAs88#1130
LF tank and exceptional ranged dps

Group currently : Resto Shaman, Huntard, and Monk

Scarlet Halls or Shadow Pan

pst SirJoseph#1961
Alliance monk DPS
Looking for any Golds
Has vent and skype
Has 9/9 Silver Experienced
Currently 1/9 gold
has consumables
Add: Lostcheetah#1529
485 assassination

1/9 gold 8/9 silver

Looking to finish up the rest of the golds ( Have Scarlet Halls )

Have consumables and feast if need be

Available all week from 2 pm to 11 pm

Warlock looking to finish the gold challenge mode achievement :D.

Currently: 8/9G
  • Gate of the Setting Sun
  • I'm always up for helping others finish theirs but would love to get this achievement finally done, have been really unlucky with getting a group for gate :(.
    I have all consumables (300 food, 18s pots, flasks, etc), Vent/Mumble/Skype. I have all the time in the world :P.

    Battletag: Kinkypoo#1611

    Thanks =]!
    Frost Deathknight Alliance
    8/9 Gold
    I have everything (Flasks/Potions/275-300 Food/Invis Pots)
    Looking for a MSP Gold Run!
    Catch me online or Add me and leave a comment/message! :)
    Btag: Atlantis#1374
    0 Gold 0 Silver 1 Bronze (Stormstout Brewery)
    Blood Death Knight
    BTAG: slumlax#1978
    0 Gold 0 Silver 9 Bronze
    Fury Warrior
    BOTH 2200 3s THIS SEASON (very fast learners)
    Have full appropriately scaled gear.

    9/9 monk LF gold runs on my mage alt.
    Very experienced in all dungeons.


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