492 Ret/480 Holy Pally LF raiding guild 15/16

Area 52
492 Ret/480 Holy Pally LF raiding guild 15/16 xp
Hey message me ingame or Soplain#1341
LF a holy pally, 4/16hm, hit me up fbg#1831
My guild is currently looking for a good DPS with heals OS. we are 15/16 and starting heroics this week.

add me if you want more info Benthum#1419
16/16 xp on 2 different toons now, Still looking for a guild that's doing heroics :D
I approve this message. Very sexy player
<Brutality> lvl 25 (4/6HM)(16/16) 10 man late night raid guild times are 12:30-3:30am Tues,Weds,Thurs morning..Lf one healer pef druid, shaman, pally, monk.. always looking for exceptional dps.. 485 min ilvl.. let me know in game

jazzboy9431@gmail.com(real id)
VEX group 2 is looking for a strong Holy Pally to help finish off the group. The group should be starting to push heroics very soon once the final pieces are in place. Look for the VEX post on the main page and shoot an app on our website if you have any interest. Hope to hear from ya!

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