HEY, im new to MoP and am currently looking for a raid guild in blackrock!
-I've played in BC for a couple months with a couple friends but never really got into end game
-Fast learner (only started Jan 2nd with already 482 ilvl)
-I've done all 16/16 LFR, never really getting criticized for my abilities (probably cause i watched all the fatboss fights)
- i have a mic and can communicate well
25 or 10m raid guild doesnt really matter to me
im free every day from 3pm to midnight but prefer weekends!
Ruthers Pull

New guild on Blackrock.

Starting 10 mans on MV.

Most of us are rerolls or xfers who missed the raiding curve so were starting fresh.

We group together. Do heroics, guild runs, help each other out.

Raid times are between 9-10 server time.

Hit me up in game.

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