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Bleeding Hollow
<ChaoticNeutral>, formerly <Ctrl Alt Del> of Anetheron, is looking for raiders and non-raiders alike for our new home guild on Bleeding Hollow. We are a casual guild by day, but we moonlight as a semi-casual, semi-hardcore raid guild. We like to have fun most of all, but damn it feels good making progress.

We have a solid core that is as follows:
Condanato, 492 Prot Paladin [Raid Leader].
Thrask, 485 Brew Monk.
Nourisher, 491 Resto Druid [Healer Raid Assist].
Shammashock, 491 Resto Shaman.
Vantec, 490 Survival Hunter [DPS Raid Assist].
Cotilliôn, 492 Combat/Assasination Rogue.

Our current progression is 6/6 Vaults, 4/6 HoF and 1/4 Terrace. Progression in the past months has been slowed to an almost stop due to the holidays, two core raiders quitting at the same time, military deployment, and reemployment, but we have no doubt that we would be progressed further if we didn't have to pug bads to replace our raiders. We have players who have been at it since Vanilla, and some who just started raiding in MoP, but I am proud to say we are a strong team of players who have just had an unlucky streak.

We are in need of the following ilvl 480+ players:
1 healer with viable DPS off-spec (no resto druids/shamans)
2-3 DPS that can pull on average 60k+ (preferred spriest, warlock, or mage)

You can talk to me via battletag—ohmylordlyke#1256—, in game, or via this lovely thread to ask any questions, give internet hugs, etc. :D

For you non-raiders, we have transmog, legendary, and old raid achievement farm runs that we do on a weekly basis. We also are interested in dabbling a bit into rbgs and arena, but that is definitely on the back burner until we get established and geared. To help recruitment and guild leveling along, we will be awarding 500g to the person who holds the most guild activity points for that week (to be awarded on Monday nights before the reset)! :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

TL;DR: 6/6 MSV 4/6 HoF 1/6 ToES recruiting 1 healers and 2-3 dps to hit progression hard starting before 5.2 hits, and need to boost our ranks with non-raider folk.

Edit: 2/19/2013 for lots of things.
Good luck with the recruiting, we've been looking for a Mage or Ele shaman and a Shadow / Disc priest for a while now and nothing.... Wayyyyyyy too many guilds on this server and I think a lot of really great players are trapped in !@#$ty guilds because they have a sense of loyalty to their guild or they have friends that are bads that they raid with and they wont leave them.... oh well
One or two project players are a chance we're willing to take. We've been carrying people just to say we raided this week. :(

Thanks for the advice! We want to make sure we pick a good server to set up on because a few of my raiders have some transfer trauma. But believe me, we want out ASAP. xD
Boy would I love to take you guys for my 25man group. Of course our tank spots are full up beyond any other potential issues. :P

I moved DS from Bloodscalp a couple months before MoP hit and never looked back. We stuck it out til the bitter end after being on Bloodscalp for about 6 years and it was definitely the right decision. Recruiting has definitely died down big time across all servers, holidays + semester change + new year + content lull = low recruiting period, but BH is a solid server with a solid population and likely worlds better than where you're coming from.
By 2/15 I could hit 90 with both this DK and my 85 Shaman, also got a Spriest but she is on a different server. I have a level 90 pally but he hasn't been holy since ICC and a 90 hunter, but you guys got a hunter.
I sent you a realid request, message me when you want.
@Nahela: My raiders reeeeally don't want to do 25's. D: But it's inspiring to hear that you've done well since transferring!

@Jotunn: What spec is your paladin?
@Ichiimaru: "Last online 23 minutes ago." lol of course
Good luck, definitely a lot of players here both Horde and Alliance side.
Currently online. talk to me as soon as you can, we might be able to get something going (you guys plus me and 3 of our members, let me know when you're on!)
@Nahela: My raiders reeeeally don't want to do 25's. D: But it's inspiring to hear that you've done well since transferring!

@Jotunn: What spec is your paladin?

Prot/Ret, but my ret gear is not even of note.
I don't know why I didn't mention this. We raid Wed and Fri, 7-10:30/11 EST. The days of the week may be negotiable (no weekends) but the time is fixed. Many of us do the whole 9-5 bit.
Edit for progress and roles needed.
02/03/2013 08:58 PMPosted by Qatt
my raiders on Deader-Than-Dead Anetheron


My home server! Do you lovelies remember this toon, or a hunter by the name of Neverforever?
02/03/2013 09:48 PMPosted by Aimee
Ranged dps are rare in general.

Our G1 has 4-5 ranged dps T.T

Too many blood elves and too many warlocks / priests xD
We used to roll with a mage, two ele shamans, a shadow priest, and a warrior. It was a little bit silly.

My home server! Do you lovelies remember this toon, or a hunter by the name of Neverforever?

:o I can't say that I do, but then again I was a Wrath baby so if it was before then, I was too terrible to pay attention to names. >_>

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