Raid Guild Transferred, Recruiting

Bleeding Hollow
Elegance, do you remember Ishammael? He's our main tank and my lover. :D
We've made the transfer. Keep an eye out for my /2 recruitment or contact me in-game!
Bump, we have transferred and are currently recruiting. We are mainly looking for but not limited to the following:

Warr tank
Spriest w/ healing os

Raid times currently are 7-10 wed/fri but may change.

pst Vantec or Nourisher in game or reply to post.
Plz come Ally. Thx. Bye.
02/18/2013 08:34 PMPosted by Wallpapers
Plz come Ally. Thx. Bye.

I think we can do without a non-heroic progressed guild on the Alliance side.

Sincerely, Woof.
Good evening bump!
Still looking for two great dps!
Too many Wednesday guilds!!

I'd probly already have my mage back here and in WeeR or something similar but school kinda kicks my bum.
If you guys change your days and aren't on Tues/Thurs, hit me up. I wouldn't mind getting my mage back into the game and the world needs more Kai!!!

Hey just thought i would post.. I'm currently looking for a guild to raid either as an afflic warlock or ele/resto shaman.. Wednesday / Friday would be perfect. Hit me up via message here or in game if your interested and we can discuss it.. Cheers

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