[A] Vitare

4/12 ToT - Bump
1/12H, looking for a warlock now
Still looking for a warlock

Thanks for the chieve
Don't give it to cung, it's a waist......
Appreciate you guys filling in while our some of our raiders are on holidays!
just mail it to him
Just like Ben Cousins, this thread could use a bump.
Still lookin
Oh how I wish I had the time to raid properly and this would have been perfect too. Oh well the drawback of a career with !@#$ty hours.
Still looking for a warlock. DEing 535 cloth hit gear is a tad depressing.
<best lock on the server
Bump! We need a pro lock guys! :D
Jogimux, why the change of heart?
6/13 LF hpally. horde side.
Thursdays wouldn't have worked for me due to second semester uni timetable, plus I usually enjoy taking my girlfriend out for McNuggets at a certain restaurant we love.
AKA Vitare #1
Randamonium stepping up and tanking Heroic Horridon. Still looking!
Warlock pls

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