I use this spell all the time to....

I recently started leveling my priest and hit 87.

With 87 I get void shift....I just not really sure how to use this while leveling. I'm coming from a shaman with the 87 spell being ascendence.

I feel like I'm missing some cool mechanic here if I use it with something else. So with that:

"The reason you want to use void shift on cooldown while leveling shadow is...." or "Void shift will help you kill some higher level mob by..."; or "I use this spell all the time to...."

It's an emergency spell to help save a important raid member.

For example, I'm healing during a raid boss and I have full HP. All of a sudden, the tank takes some major damage and drops to near death HP. What I tend to do sometimes in this situation is: Void Shift > Desperate Prayer > Self heal.

For one, your tanks will have a lot more HP than you. So void shifting will make the healing deficit about 100-200k less HP that you need to heal. 2nd, I have an instant 30% HP self heal for specific situations like this. You could also make a macro to cast both right after one another.

It's HIGHLY situational.
Thanks, it sounds like it is pretty much exactly what it says it is.

The problem I find with "Highly situational" is that when you need it you forget about it. Especially on characters that aren't your main.

Is there a tie-in to the priest afterwards? For example as a shaman the tank is really low, I do an instant cast greater heal but the priest gets his void shift in ahead of time...does the greater heal fallover to the priest? or would it just be overhealing on the tank?...at the very least there should be a 3 second "aura" on the target where overhealing goes over to the priest.

I don't plan on doing much beyond LFR on this character and was hoping void shift could be used in some interesting way but no biggie.

Thanks again for your response.
The tank would get overhealed in that situation.
It was a great spell to use while leveling when it worked on your Shadow Fiend but apparently Blizz didn't like that idea and confined it to a group only spell.
You can stand in fire, cast it on a fellow DPS, then life grip them in there with you for maximum troll.
It's a great spell to use on other people, and slightly bad to use on yourself. If you are low health, and you swap with someone who is at full, they'll probably get pretty mad at you. If you are high health, and use it on someone with low health, they'll be happy they didn't die.

Win / Lose really. It is a nice spell now that I have been using it more often.
Can it be used on FC's without forcing a flag drop?
I use void shift all the time to troll LFR. Owait I wouldn't do that. Like, evar. XD
You used to be able to use it as a petsac on your shadowfiend. Of course as expected that was nerfed.

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