Question for holy paladin.

Are you happy at how Beacon of Light, Guardian of ancient King and Seal of Insight (melee strike = mana back) work?

I feel like Beacon of Light could get some tweak or rework. Mainly because of the overhealing, but also because there is no real bonus to heal directly the beacon (1 holy power for healing with divine light.... mheu). I would gladly have beacon of light do less healing and have it trigger when you directly heal it. I would prefer if it instead put an absorbtion shield.

As for Guardian of ancient King. I like the way it give extra healing on single target, but the splash aoe heal is bad. As for the increased speed on cast. It should be reversed. At first you get max speed (when you need it) and then it lower with each cast(when the burst damage slowly lower).

Finaly, seal of insight. I almost never go swing in melee. Mostly because I miss half my hit.

Let me know what you think of those spell. How do you use them. Are you swaping the beacon every 30 seconde? Is it glyphed and macroed to you'r divine light? Are all of those spell to your like and is there other spell you dislike?
With the increased value of holy power, many (most?) pallies will argue the exact opposite...there is no real bonus to off-beacon healing with DL compared to getting an extra hp charge. Triggering an absorb shield from beacon would be fantastic, but quite overpowered imo. Currently judicious beacon swapping is part of the skillcap of holy, and turning the healing into absorbs would greatly simplify proper beacon placement (as well as almost completely negate any need for tank healing in a raid with a pally).

As for beacon swapping/glyphing, I think glyph of beacon of light is the best thing since sliced bread. With the glyph there is no reason at all to keep beacon on any one target for a significant amount of time if it can be better used on someone else. Really livens up the playstyle.

I personally think GoAK is a bit weak for its cd length, and the haste stacking feels a bit odd to me, but there's no denying it is still quite potent under the right circumstances.

Regarding seal of's situational. Useful when you have periods of light/no damage (think pillars on elegon) but not something that is always able to be used. That doesn't mean it's not a good tool to have though!

Edit: slight confusion there. The seal itself should always be on in holy spec. I assumed you were referring more to the act of melee'ing for mana
I'm not a super experienced holy healer as far as raids go, but for the most part, I'm happy with these things.

With BoL, I can put it on the main tank and heal the OT or someone else who might need it in the raid (I only do LFR so there is slightly less pressure). I can EF multiple targets and beacon the tank so in addition to the instant heals, they're getting the dot heals that can be pretty powerful. If I have a tank in dungeon who takes a lot of damage, I'll toss the beacon on (usually a melee) dps, so I can focus on the tank while keeping the person most likely to stand in the fire up. I wouldn't mind it to act as another HP generator somehow though.

As for GoAK, I don't use it probably as much as I should, but that's because I haven't done any serious raids or anything. The max to min would be OP during pvp. It would be a good burst counter, but would be too unfair compared to other healers. Especially since we already have LoH. 0-full.

Seal of insight. Good on paper. Good for solo ret and pally, absolutely awful for Holy. If it wasn't for the increased healing and haste, I wouldn't even bother putting it on. We rarely, if at all, use judgement, or crusaders strike, or auto attack and then when we do, we have to worry about it procing. I wish it would act that the Price of Progress trinket. Single target healing spells you do have a 5% chance to restore 4% of your base mana (2,400 since we have that 400% increased mana pool). Maybe even give it a glyph to make it a 10% chance to return 2%. It would be single target so our lights hammer doesn't super refund our mp, and it wouldn't be affected by beacon heals, hots with eternal flame, maybe.

Just all ideas.
@Corvala : Yes was refering only to the act of melee'ing for mana. Only time I can remember doing it was on Elegon while melee'ing the pillar and maybe the second boss of MGV

I agree, the beacon triggering an absorb shield would feel OP. But if it's only for a fraction of what it heal right now. Like 25% + half the mastery.

I think I'll swap Protector of the Innocent Glyph with the Beacon glyph and give it a try. Might find it easier to get that extra holy power instead of geting the extra heal from beacon. But even so, the mana cost of Divine light is realy high.. Don't know if it's worth the Holy Power.

Also, what your though on 4th piece bonus tier 14, I find it less and less valuable. I would instead go gear which have mastery as base value instead of reforging it.
I can agree that there probably exists a % transference that would balance out beacon applying absorbs instead of healing. I still think that it would take a fair amount of skill away from the spec though, as one big mark of a great as opposed to a decent or good pally is how well they manage their beacon to minimize overheal (i'm not there yet, keep trying!) Plus there are already too many absorbs in the game from disc alone...absorbs are just hard to balance, period, and I would rather stay away from them if possible. Just my opinion though!

One thing to keep in mind when talking about DL's mana cost is that every hopo you generate contributes toward gcd's spent "free" healing. More hopo=more time spent not using any mana at all. This is especially true for the 1hp EF spam style, as pretty much every other action is a mana-free gcd. Regardless of if you use it at 1,2, or 3 hopo though, you are still buying yourself extra free healing with that DL, which you need to account for when looking at its mana cost.

I'm sure you are aware of all this, but it's easy to not really stop and think about just how much time you spend on any given fight casting completely free heals. This is the same reason why our 4pc is amazing. I would strongly advise you to keep it and love it while you can, 5.2 will be coming all too quickly
Meleeing for mana is actually kind of nice. It gives us an "active" means of recovering mana, and recovering it rather quickly. That 4% adds up FAST, especially on fights with lots of raid damage where you dropping lots of HR/HS/HR/HS combos.

On Feng, I adjusted my playstyle to get more melee swings in for 25N, and its amazing what it did for mana regen.

If we didn't have it, we would be forced to rely on CD's like Arcane Torrent, Potions, or Divine Plea. Too little too late.

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