Wild Willies Mining Store

Wild Willies Mining Store

I want to welcome all Blackrock Horde Players to a new store that has just opened its doors today. We are a mining store that has a huge inventory of ore and bars. We work 7 days a
to get are product out to the horde players of blackrock. Are prices are 25% less then on the market and we will always give people fair prices if they buy bulk items from us. The way we
work is. A player can send us an in game email or post in the forums on what ore they need and how fast they need it. We ship in game Email with COD. All prices are firm but they do change
daily do to the economy in game. We work hard to please are customers and are always trying to do are best.

Examples of how to order

In Game Name:
What Ore or Bars do you need?
How many you would like (only sell in 20 stacks)?

All orders will be taken care of ASAP.

Todays Prices:

Copper Ore- 21 Gold per Stack
Copper Bar- 15 Gold per Stack

Tin Ore- 17 Gold Per Stack
Tin Bar- 11 Gold per Stack

Mithril Ore- 32 Gold per Stack
Mithril Bar- 27 Gold per Stack

Thorium Ore- 18 Gold per Stack
Thorium Bar- 30 Gold Per Stack

Fel Iron Ore- 20 Gold per stack
Fel Iron Bar- 36 Gold per stack

Adamantite Ore- 27 Gold per stack
Adamantite Bar- ?

Cobalt Ore- 21 Gold per stack
Cobalt Bar- 36 Gold per stack

Saronite Ore- 24 Gold per stack
Saronite Bar- 49 Gold per stack

Obsidium Ore- 48 Gold per stack
Obsidium Bar- 108 Gold per stack

Elementium Ore- 11 Gold per stack
Elementium Bar- 87 Gold per stack

Ghost Iron Ore- 32 Gold per stack
Ghost Iron Bar- 67 Gold per stack

Again all orders will be taken care of ASAP: please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

Please Contact Smartystacie in game or leave a post
you selling, elementium, obsidium, cobalt, fel iron and adamantite ore stakcs?

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