Glyph of Mind Spike

With the recent nerf to mind spikes glyph for pvp(although I never used it myself) I was thinking there could be a possible change to the glyph since its limited usage would make it essentially dead. Now I understand that Blizzard wants glyphs to be about choice rather than mandatory but I've seen plenty of mandatory glyphs for other classes do here goes:

Priests have a very unique place and issue in pvp currently. Alone a shadow priest is nothing much, we have very minimal mobility, a general lack of consistent burst damage, and a limited kit of cc and defensive CDs. What makes us strong in pvp is our incredible versatility and group support. We have unique cc options and a series of extremely clutch defensive options that makes void shift nearly uncounterable.

Despite this placement in pvp we lack one thing many other ranged classes don't: a slow. We are exceptionally easy for melee classes to train and are completely reliant on other classes for peels. While I appreciate classes needing counter play, and shadow having weakness to melee is a good example of this, there is also a certain limit to how weak a class should be.

I would like to suggest that rather than reduce the cast time of mind blast, mind spikes would cause a movement speed reduction to the target. Preferably a small percentage with a short duration, but that would stack 2-3 times. This would help give a small counter play to melee classes without being overly strong, and would keep us from being insta-gibber by high mobility melee. Alternatively adding an interaction with mind flay to increase the slow or provide a more consistent root to provide us with a little more self sufficiency in pvp with the advent of the large nerfs on the horizon.
It doesn't matter what they do to it.

If it doesn't synergize with From Darkness comes Light procs anymore, its useless.

I hate to devalue the effort you've put into your opening post, but its the grim truth.

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