[H] 485 Frost DK (5/16H xp) LF raiding guild

Recently switched from my 498 Guardian Druid (where I was 5/16H) to Frost DK a few weeks ago, looking for a raiding guild now. Recently tested my dps against Raider's Dummy and peaked at around 150k, 5 mins in was around 85k, 10 mins was at 77k. I consider myself a laid back person but when it comes down to raid time I'm ready to kick !@# and wear new clothes.

-LF a softcore type guild that has fun but focuses on progression.
-LF a good group. I know my iLevel is low so I can't expect to hitch a ride onto a heroic raiding group right now, but I only want to roll with people who know their individual specs, prepare for fights beforehand, and don't frequently repeat mechanic mistakes over and over.
-Runs monday-thurs starting earliest at 8pm PST (PACIFIC STANDARD TIME), or Saturday during the day (not the PM though) or Sunday during the day and OR the night.

To contact me: DeadraHelix#1993

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