Selling Sanguine Star!

Hey everyone. I am selling Sanguine Star, a staff dropped off a random mob when I was questing in the Southern Barrens.

I looked it up and saw that from that certain mob the chance was so low it said 0%.

I am willing to sell this staff for Transmogrification or Role-Playing reasons.

It sells somewhere in the THOUSANDS believe it or not. So please no "100g!" offers.
Nice looking OH, and yes I can see it selling for thousands where there is a demand and market. With that said, RH's economy can be a little sluggish at times. My advice is to be willing to haggle and negotiate, hell thats HALF the fun of selling items in game.

Again, wish you great profit on the OH.

Edit...fat figured typing while driving...
Sanguine Star is actually an off-hand frill that looks like a staff, which makes it somewhat of a curiosity.

Edit: Beaten by Bob.

Good luck with the sale.

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