[A]Wipe All Day(10/16H) LFM

Here's what's most important:
Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays
7:30PM - 11:30PM PACIFIC time
9:30PM - 1:30AM SARGERAS realm time (Central)
We usually raid these full raid windows, sometimes finishing early. No other additional raid days will be added, required nor optional. This is our schedule, period.

If this schedule does not work for you, there's no point in reading any further.

About us:
Wipe All Day is a 10man Alliance guild, formerly on Tichondrius. We started on Tichondrius in 4.1 in Cata, and our core raid team has been raiding together since 4.1 and 4.2.

We recently transferred to US-SARGERAS(PvP) due to poor PvE population on Tichondrius(Alliance side) making recruiting extremely difficult. Unfortunately, when we made this transfer, we were not able to keep all of our healers.

What we've done(when it was current):

4.1 (T11): Nothing worth mentioning. Guild was forming.
4.2 (T12): 6/7 Heroic FL
4.3 (T13): 8/8 Heroic DS
5.1 (T14): 6/6 Heroic MSV, 4/6 Heroic HOF, 4/4N Terrace

Our Wowprogress from Tichondrius:

Our Logs if you want to browse them:
You'll notice we only raid on our scheduled days, no added surprises.

We are progression-oriented first and always. We have fun raiding, but that fun comes from killing bosses, not from chatting about sports, drugs, or other bull!@#$. Every decision we make as a raid is based on what's most beneficial to our progression. This includes loot, which is handed out fairly based on how it benefits the raid most. We don't push world-firsts, but we try to down as much as possible with our schedule.

What we are looking for:
Paladin/Priest/Monk healers
Minimum of 490+ ilvl, preferably 495+
16/16 Normal T14 Experience minimum
Raiders who can fully commit to our schedule, M/W/F 9:30-1:30(Central)
Mumble w/ working mic and ability to communicate when necessary is REQUIRED.
Extensive knowledge of class capabilities, including of any DPS offspecs.
Maturity, ability to take criticism well, progression-oriented mindset (Be prepared to wipe)

Will we pay for a server transfer? No.
Will we pay for a faction change? No.
Will we pay for your flasks/pots? No.
Will we pay for anything? Feasts/Repairs, BOEs, other %^-* with gold.
Is it worth transferring to raid with us? If you prove you aren't bad, yes, and we'll prove that back to you.

We are not looking to baby-sit - we want raid-ready players who don't need their hands held. We are currently trialing raiders, and when we find players who are sufficiently geared, sufficiently capable of playing their class, and show quality raid awareness, we'll be gladly offering permanent raid spots.

Our goal is to clear as much as T14 as possible before 5.2, but more importantly, we are preparing our raid for Throne of Thunder content. If you are interested in our raid schedule, and know (not think) you have what it takes and are willing to prove it, contact me as soon as possible.

[b]How to apply:

We do not believe in any sort of ridiculous application process. No website form, no application to fill out, none of that nonsense. This is a game, not a job. We don't need to see how long you've been playing WoW, or what your UI looks like, or what you did in BC 5 years ago.

We recruit based on what matters: Performance. We recruit only after raid trials - If you can perform well, you'll get in, period. No games, no bull!@#$, no ridiculousness.

If you are willing to take the time, effort, and energy to contact us, get to our realm, and have your character properly ready, we'll acknowledge that and reciprocate by taking you to a trial raid. We won't waste your time. If you show us you're serious, we'll show you we're serious, too.

If you're interested at all or have any questions feel free to contact me in-game @ Zish#1614
Would also gladly speak in Mumble or Vent if requested.
Welcome to Sargeras!
Oh man, recruiting is hoppin!
Looking one more healer to complete our raid group.

Ideally a Monk, Shaman or Rdruid would round our comp off very nicely.
Bump - Looking to raid tonight at 9:30 server, still looking for 1 Shaman/Monk/Druid healer.
Still looking for healers to finish off our raid comp. Will be trialing more on Friday if interested.
Bump for heals....Come Friday and win the job...
Bump - still looking to trial a Paladin, Priest, or Monk for our last core spot.
Bump---Don't be afraid...come heal...we're a great time, promise.
Bump- Need hpal/monk/priest

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