Tank repeatedly declining dungeon queues...

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So at odd hours, there may only be one tank in the LFD tool for lower level dungeons, and this morning (again), I got stuck in 45 minutes of that one tank queuing, then letting the queue expire over and over and over again. I had about thirty dungeon pops that this person did this to before I just gave up and went off to solo quest. This isn't the first time this has happened, either. Is there really nothing in place to stop this kind of trolling?
I did that because i completed a first time shadowpan monastary, but died at the end, and the only surviving person was in combat and couldnt rez. I spirit released and was unable to get back into the completed instance, as it reset. I Qed for SpM the next day over and over till i got one with all but the last boss down, since I didnt want to do that painful dungeon again any more than I had to. Id imagine other tanks just see an instance they dont like and time out the wait to get a better one. Tank's privilege I guess.
I would think after ~15 minutes, you should probably just head off to quest.

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