Two of the Same Dagger?

I have two questions. First is about an achievement: does anyone know if the title "The Insane" is still bugged? And/or did the requirements change? Secondly, I am wondering if I can equip two of the same dagger, such as two "Lhakaz's Missing Ribspreader". If it is a weapon that is one-hand equip and not main hand, I thought I should be able to use two of the same. I was just wondering because I had a problem trying to equip two of the same ring.
Hi Unsub,

About the insane title, try there is some interesting info there. Not sure if that solves your question or not.

About the Lhakaz's Missing Ribspreader, it doesn't say it is unique-equipped, and as you say, it is one hand, so I can't see why you wouldn't be able to equip two.

When you tried the two rings, did you check they weren't "unique-equip"? Something like Heavy Adamantite Ring you can only wear one, but something like Corrupted Band you can wear two.

Hope that helps :D
Thanks for the link about the "Insane" title. I thought it best to ask about any changes, etc before embarking on the long grinding journey of goblins, pirates and junk boxes. And I dont recall the name of the ring I tried to equip two of, but it was an epic. I was able equip two of the same heirloom dagger on my rogue, so I guess I coould with Lhakaz's. Thanks for the reply.

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