lvl 60 mage pvp gear missing!?

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I went to see about getting my lvl 60 pvp set with my mage and i couldn't find the lvl 60 gear anywhere at the quartermaster. the only 60 gear that is there is silk boots and shoulders, the rest is gone. the full 70 and 80 sets seem to be there, but the 60 gear is not. like 3/4ths of the set is just not there, i switched the filters and everything. still nothing. am i doing something wrong? do mages not get a 60 set!? others seem to be experiencing the same thing. can we please do something about this?
Could be a UI glitch, try /reloadui if that doesn't work, try deleting your WTF, Cache folders and rename your interface folder.
i talked with some other people in game and they seem to be experiencing the same issue. and do i just type /reloadui in game? and how do i delete WTF and the cache thing lol i know little about that stuff
This is why I don't mess with addons. Just look at the questhelper one, now implemented in to the game.

If there is a need for addons I'd think blizz would give you the option to attach their own set of addons.
In the top right hand corner of the window, try setting the gear filter to All. If that doesn't work, that I'm not sure what to tell ya. :<
Area 52 sells the vanilla mage pvp set. now being able to buy them is a whole new thing seeing that when i went there i couldn't get the rest of my warlords set. but there also is more lvl 70 pvp set and tier set

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