LFR 1H, or Norm 2H Worth the gold to switch?

Pretty straight forward, I have a Kilrak, Jaws of Terror, and Elegion, the Fanged Crescent. I just picked up Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion, and had Starshatter sitting in my bank. We are currently doing MSV heroic progression, so I am only worried about increasing dps for those fights. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
SMF is only marginally ahead of TG. You're looking at weapons a full tier higher than what you have for SMF, yes TG is almost certainly worth it for you.
How do I get that prismatic socket for the weap? I used it on the RF piece...
02/05/2013 11:29 AMPosted by Bigtigerx
How do I get that prismatic socket for the weap? I used it on the RF piece...

Go to the nizuo temple. Behind it a guy sells the gems for 9k and the socket for around 2.5 I think
I do not recommend people do this switch. MAYBE if you need more aoe dmg, but for the $10k+ (enchants) I don't see this being worth it. I feel like I pissed away the gold.
You would do quite a bit more aoe and single target damage. Depends on how much gold is worth to you (it's pretty much useless besides for mounts / pets anyways).

I would trade 10k for 13 higher ilvl on both weapons in a heartbeat...
Just gotta decide what's more important to you. Gold or dps for progression.
A full tier higher on both weapons is going to do way way more DPS in any situation.

Up to you if it's worth the gold or not, and if you are going to raid 5.2 normal or LFR.

LFR weapons can take the socket, but not the 500STR gem, and are ilvl502.

You call on if more damage til then is worth the gold to you or not.

I can't get a frickin axe to drop regardless so I'm just going to stay SMF and upgrade what I have for the few weeks until 5.2 drops and I can LFR again.

Socket costs 2.5k BTW and can only go in sha touched weapons in 5.1 (but you can do 2 if you have duplicate weapons).

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