Fang Kung, upgrade or not?

I got the Fang Kung bow raid finder variety just now. I was wondering if I should upgrade it ASAP with the feature disabled in the coming patch, or save my Valor points for other stuff.

I'm not in a guild currently running raids so this is likely to be the best weapon I get for some time. I was leaning to upgrading it, but wanted to check here to see if I'd be better holding onto my VPs for something I overlooked.

Thanks in advance!
probably a good idea we can get better armor almost anytime we want either from raids or from factions, but a good weapon... there is like only three of them one from a dungeon and two from raids so yeah i think it wouldn't hurt
I would almost suggest waiting for LFR Taoren to upgrade, but RNG is a cruel mistress... Not only would you need to hope for gear to drop to increase your ilv to get into TES, you'd have to hope for the gun to drop. Not sure how much time you'd have before 5.2.

Honestly, at this point, it's whatever you feel like doing. The gear will drop eventually, and once you DO get Taoren it will be better than even a fully upgrade LFR Feng Kung with the gem. And not sure if we are getting a weapon in the new raid or not... But the new tier is drastically higher in ilvl than current tier.
I would say wait until before patch comes out and if you have a trinket drop or the rep and valor to get a faction epic trinket upgrade those, you wouldn't want to up that weapon and then the gun drop off of lrf
Wait until before the patch. If you don't have an upgrade by that point, upgrade it while it's still an option. Otherwise, hold off for upgrades and save the Valor.

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