489 Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild

489 Holy Paladin LF raiding guild. Can raid any night but Thursdays between the times of 6 server and no later than 12 server. Can do weekend day-time but prefer not to. Am looking for a guild that is progression minded, provides constructive feedback, and work well as a guild. I have previous competitive progression experience starting in WOTLK.

If you would like to chat. PST me. Lumiza#1663
<Undeniable> is a Horde guild with a long history. We are a casual and social guild that has had the same core members since early BC. We have made some decent progress with only a few days of raiding so far this expansion! We are currently 6/6 MV and 4/6 HoF.

<Undeniable> has seen its ups and downs over the years, but we are back in full force for Mists with a return to our roots (original gm and all) of fun raiding. We recently transferred to Illidan off of a dying server. We may not accomplish things first, but we have a competent core of raiders and we intend on completing the raid content before it is years behind!

We are currently recruiting all classes and specs. We are also looking for people interested in rated bgs and achievements (we run old content and heroic achievement groups). A fury warrior is most needed, for a core spot, however we will consider any decent player.

We raid Monday-Wednesday 9pm-12am.

We do expect recruits to have a working vent, dbm, and preferably be over 18. Also don't die to fire or fail to the lag boss frequently.

Please apply at our website: http://undeniable1.enjin.com/.

For any questions, please feel free to speak to our officers in-game: Darkhartx, Urliq, Sintinel or Ayslin.

<Undeniable> is recruiting. You can apply at our website or talk to officers!

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