Baby warlock advice

Warlocks are pretty dominant at 90 in both PvE and PvP, but at 48 the scaling of the class feels really off. Tanks at this level are unstoppable machines, along with any melee. For those of you who leveled up recently, when do you think warlocks really start to catch up with scaling?

I also haven't played a Warlock in a very, very long time, but it feels like moving Soul Swap to such a late level is kind of unreasonable. I wish they had left it where it was originally: Level 42ish.

Also, warlocks are amazing now. I can't describe the night and day feel of them compared to the last time I played them (Soul Shards were an inventory item that didn't stack).
I usually don't see dungeon mobs/bosses have enough health for back-ended dps like affliction to be useful until mid-wrath/cata, and I have no idea about pvp since I shy away from it nowadays.

Till then, I would heartily suggest going demo, as it's much more front-ended compared to aff, and destro is just a waste of time in general, due to all the bad mechanics it has, especially while leveling
I've always been an Affliction warlock, through and through. I don't mind it. I just wondered when I'll start to catch up to everyone else scaling wise. I'm fine with Wrath/Cata era, if not before.
Leveling an alt Warlock recently I noticed that Destro was pretty good for questing and dungeons until I got Felstorm and now I'm dominating dungeons as Demo
Is stuff dying super fast? If yes, then DPS meters mean nothing.

I am leveling alt warlock and have a ton of fun feeling useful, I have not once seen a damage meter from my runs because I already know the tank is probably doing 50% of the damage.
Unless you want honor points, don't even bother with PVP at 48. Tanks, especially pallys are practically unkillable and Spriests will *@%@**%* you till you cry.

You don't get to turn the tables till ~80. Demonic circle teleporting is ridiculously fun and a great tactic, SB:SS is practically required. Even at lvl 90 though, GL 1v1ing. If you want a chance at killing anyone you pretty much HAVE to have haunt and MG up. Despite this, I almost always was in the top 5 for the total damage done in BGs. Such is the nature of aff.

PVE is really just as bad, it really is trash that the class is basically useless until level 80.

1. Mobs/Bosses die before you can finish casting UA
2. You don't have SB:SS to insta-apply your DoTs
3. You don't have Haunt which is your only spell that deals direct damage AND increases DOT power

Basically the fun starts in cata, and only gets better through pandaria.

BTW your entire play strategy changes basically every 10 levels after level 60 (imo). I noticed RoF seems to scale very weirdly, at early levels it did no dmg, at mid-lvls it did good damage when combined with SoC, and at 90 it's laughable.

tl;dr - I know you said you're aff thru and thru, but if you don't want to embarrass in dungeons def. go Demo you'll probably be topping DPS if you're doin it right. PVP still isn't worth it.
From what I've heard in pve locks are very dominant especially as affliction. In pvp it's less dominant. In arena there's a smaller representation than in rbg's for different reasons.

I leveled this lock up in January when I came back to wow. Gondolin is pretty accurate with the portal and portal teleport skills. Although, I seem to remember it being slightly less than 80 at about 76 or so. Destruction gets a dps boost at about level 69 when backdraft passive skill is introduced to you. Demo does alot better with chaos wave-- meta HoG. I have no idea about affliction.

I leveled with mostly bgs. Did a few dungeons here and there to swap rings, belts, necks, etc. It was pretty frustrating. Sometimes my scoreboard would show a young demigod and other times a pauper.
Destro or Demo does better in dungeons until you get a lot of gear, and even then bursty Frost DKs or Fury Warrs will have stuff killed before your dots can do much. Demo has better on demand aoe and Destro has better on demand burst for fast dying mobs.

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