Warlock professions

Hey all, so i'm starting warlock toon and need your guys' opinion on which professions i should pick up with it. my mage has tailoring and herbalism maxed and was wondering if it would be a good idea for my lock to use alchemy and enchanting since my mage could easily get mats for them. would this be a viable thing to do?
My lock is Alchemy and enchanting, It's a good pair. Go for it.
It seems really goo. 320+ intel on rings from enchanting + 320 intel from alchemist flask. Seems like the best caster professions.
I'm herb/inscrip but if you get plenty of herbs on your mage go inscrip/alch.
I like enchanting on any caster, and alchemy seems like a good fit. What's more warlockish than mixing powerful potions to enhance your evil abilities?

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