Absolute Chaos is LF2M for RBG Core

Absolute Chaos is looking for a:
-Resto Shammy
-Spreist or Rogue

We run RBGs 4-6 nights a week. We are currently mostly a t2 group. We are looking for people with at least 2k exp. Your CR isn't a huge dead since the current season is almost over, we are looking forward to 5.2 now.

We are focusing on filling the spots we need so we are ready to push rating the day 5.2 hits. We usually start at 8:30 server and our days will be set up more specifically once we fill our core.

Pst or send in game mail to Xeror or Namakero.
No scrubs tho! ...bump
and again...bump.
I would say id give it a shot... but yeaaaa my gear sucks lol

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